Ramy Eidi considered a commercial real estate expert

November 11th, 2011 - Posted by Admin

Within the real estate industry there has been a good deal of concern recently thanks to falling prices and profits. This is all due to the recent recession, of course, but it is nonetheless troubling. One niche industry that has actually done fairly well despite the recession is real estate revitalization.

Ramy Eidi is considered an expert by his peers in the niche industry of real estate revitalization. Ramy Eidi has worked in three separate markets, very distinct and dissimilar from one another, and excelled in each of them. In the process, Ramy Eidi has developed a talent for finding “the diamond the rough”, metaphorically speaking. Eidi has a finely tuned ability to find real estate properties who have a hidden value. Eidi purchases these properties, revitalizes them, and then sells them at a higher value. By bringing out the hidden value of these real estate properties, Ramy Eidi has become quite reputable in the real estate industry of Ohio.

Ramy Eidi has, over the last fifteen years, built his company, Eidi Properties, into a power-player in the Northwest Ohio real estate market. Eidi Properties was, at the time of its founding, a company with only one holding. It is now a company with a wide array of commercial properties amongst which is over one million square feet of retail real estate property.

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